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A Three Month Online Workshop On script Writing and Film Making Will Start From 1st September 2021.

Interested Candidate May Contact For More Details: 9820868492

(1 year - 3 months)      
s Acting
s Direction & screen play writing
s Cinematography/Digital Videography
s Editing
s Sound Recording & design
s Distribution And Marketing
(To be started)      
s Film Direction, Television Production &         screen play writing
s Cinematography/Digital Videography
s Editing
s Sound Recording & design
This consists of persons of eminence in the fields of Cinema and Academics      
M K Shankar Mumbai
Mahendra Singh Raghuvanshi Mumbai
Ashok Mishra Mumbai
B.N Sharma Mumbai
Kiran Shantaram Mumbai
S. KrishnaSwamy  Chennai
Jabbar Patel Pune
Shelle Chandigarh
Shaji Karun  Kerala
Ramchandra   Mumbai
Satarupa Sanyal Kolkatta
Vinod Ganatra  Mumbai
Suman Bajaj kalra  New Delhi
Training studios are well equipped with latest Technical infrastructure,  with Dolby 5.1
s Special guidance and advice from the eminent personalities of the film fraternity.
s Special 10 day Workshops for the students, from the film TV professionals.
s Classes are held in spacious air conditioned halls of the studio.
s Vast library of Films, Literary works, Film Literature, Art and Music is available for the students.
s Accommodation assistance for the out station students.

There has always been a mad rush of people aspiring to join the glamour world of Cinema and Television. However, there is no clear cut path carved out for their entry other than through the Film Institutes established by the Government. There is always a need felt by the Production Houses to have trained film makers and technicians for quality film and Television productions. Considering this huge requirement of trained professionals many private institutes have mushroomed in various places. However these Institutes also lack the trained faculty in various departments of film making. This has prompted few graduates from Film and Television Institutes of India to come together and thus the Institute of Film and Video Technology was established with a sole objective of providing professional education in Cinema and Television Technology. The IFVT endeavors to take Cinema Education to the places where Cinema is not made and Cinema is not taught. IFVT opens a window of opportunities to those who have no access to the world of Cinema.

IFVT strives to give Cinema education a professional status equivalent to other professional degrees such as Medical, Engineering, Computers etc by providing a Bachelors degree in Cinema & Television with Master’s degree & PhD in cinema thereafter.

Recognizing the sincere effort of IFVT to promote Cinema Education equated with other Professional Degree courses like Medical, Engineering, etc . , the Mewar University has extended its support and affiliation to IFVT. Joining hands with Mewar University IFVT endeavors to establish first of its kind a Degree college exclusively dedicated to cinema and Television Technology, Research and Education providing a Bachelors degree in Film Direction and Television production, Screenplay writing for cinema and Television, cinematography and videography, Editing, and Post digital Production, Sound Engineering and Design, a Masters Degree and a Phd. Simultaneously IFVT will continue to facilitate the short term certificate and diploma courses, training and awareness Programmes on cinema and Television .

With an objective to reach out the places where there are no film activities and those aspiring to be a film professional have no means to go out of their City, IFVT in collaboration with Mass Media Institutes, Cultural Organizations, Film Societies / Film Clubs and other NGO s in the field organizes Ten day orientation workshops for the students of mass media and others. After this workshop, they are able to analyze their aptitude and decide their future choices for  specialized courses. These specialized courses will be held at Sneha Studios, Mumbai.A vast library of literary works, film literature, art and music is available for the students.

IFVT will consider providing some Grant-in Aid to the economically stressed students for the courses conducted by the institute. To avail this Grant-in-Aid, students may have to provide details of their parents income and dependence on a prescribed Proforma. The decision of the Board of Directors will be full and final in this matter.